Mopar and his 1000 horses

Mopar and his 1000 horses

Mopar has just taken advantage of the SEMA show to unveil the most powerful engine in its history: the Hellephant. This engine, inspired directly from the original 426, which was also unveiled at 4h26, was first found under the hood of a single prototype, a Dodge Super Charger 1968 completely remodeled for the occasion.

The car is beautiful and has retained some of the elements of the original car, including the front and rear lights that are so distinctive. And to transmit the power to the wheels, they rely on the transmission T-6060 manual 6 speed shot directly from Hellcat cars.

In the case of the Hellephant engine however, the story is different. It is a lightened aluminum block that receives the components of the big Hemi V8 engine. A high density rotor was also used, and the pistons were reworked for a 4.0 inch stroke and a 4.13 inch bore. The supercharger allows you to insert some 15 foot-pounds with a 3.0-liter compressor (The Hellcat engine uses a 2.4-liter compressor and the Hellcat Demon a 2.7-liter compressor.)

For now, the Hellephant will not be mounted on any production vehicle. However, it will be possible to obtain it at the beginning of the year by ordering it. It will be delivered in a box, including all the necessary accessories for the installation, straps to PCM computer, and will, according to Mopar, be easy to install.

The price has not been released yet, but deliveries are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2019.