Oil change: which oil do I choose?


The warm summer temperatures make you aware that your car, just like you, is suffering from heat. The mechanics need to be perfectly developed, at the risk of being in a very bad state. One of the most important elements of this development is the use of good lubricant.

Oil for example, which you have to change regularly at your dealership, plays an indispensable role. But here, in this area as elsewhere, the choices are many, and we must know which type of oil best suits our engine and our needs.

 Types of car engine oil

 There are three main types of engine oil available today: mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oil.

Mineral oil

The cheapest car engine oil is basically a constituent of crude oil and is manufactured after it is refined. However, only a handful of automakers recommend mineral oil in 2018, as it generally does not contain engine cleaning detergents that are needed nowadays and have a restrictive temperature operating range.

Notwithstanding the above, this regular mineral oil still works for an older engine whose tolerance is less extreme, and which operates in a moderate climate.

Synthetic oil

Yes, this motor oil is the most expensive, but for a reason. It is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures and conditions while minimizing drag on the car engine to optimize fuel economy. It also vigorously cleans the inner side of the engine while it is being pumped.

Some high-end, high-performance cars are factory-made with synthetic oil, and it’s a good idea to continue using it to maximize performance and protect this valuable engine. If you live in a region that becomes extremely cold in winter, you will be better off with fully synthetic oil because of its cold weather start. The same goes for very hot weather – if you have hot summers, the synthetic oil will help keep your car’s engine running smoothly.

Semi-synthetic oil

 Semi-synthetic oils are a blend of synthetic and mineral oil and are less expensive than fully synthetic motor oil. Most modern engines require fully synthetic oils, and even those that require semi-synthetic oils are more likely to benefit if you use a fully synthetic oil that does not contain any mineral oil.

You do not know what to choose? Talk to your mechanic, he will be the best advisor for your car, and keep it for a long time.