Car accessories for sale in Montreal

Go Play outdoor ! Available original accessories

There are loads of auto accessories for sale in Montreal, for everyone's taste and needs. Some are specially made to customize your vehicle further like, for example, sports wheels, fender flares or decals, while others are made for very specific uses: luggage rack on the roof, a car spoiler, phone accessories, etc.

Longue Pointe Chrysler, your Chrysler dealership in Montreal, close to Montreal North and Saint Leonard, offers a wide selection of accessories, thanks to our parts and accessories department, which is a real automobile equipment store! Whether you are looking for a car belt or battery, or any other gadget for your vehicle, come and visit us in Montreal today and choose amongst our vast selection of auto accessories for sale!

For a more customized look

Do you want to customize the look of your vehicle and express your style? We sell car accessories in Montreal, for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM and Fiat vehicles.

So, no matter your vehicle's make, model or year, you can choose to add different accessories to it, like glossy pedal covers, door sill protectors, rims with spectacular designs and much more.

Moreover, you can also opt for Mopar performance accessories, available for all of our vehicle brands.

On a more practical side

A sun visor, a trailer hitch package, a car seat cover or even a protective cover for your vehicle, these are all very useful accessories for your car!

You can also opt for storage or transportation accessories, like bike racks, luggage racks or even different accessories for the trunk of your car, like retention cargo nets, for example.

Frequently asked questions

Which accessories should you get for your car?
There are several accessories available to you, depending on your needs. Whether you need a cellphone holder, a USB charger for your cigarette lighter, a connected keychain, a parking aid or even a garbage can for the car, all of these accessories can prove to be very practical and make your life easier.
However, there are accessories that are truly considered "essentials" and that could -in extreme cases- even save your life.  In your vehicle, you should always have, on board:
  • A puncture repair kit;
  • A battery charger;
  • A first aid kit which includes first aid accessories as well as blankets, gloves, warm clothes, non-perishable food, flares, a flashlight as well as matches;
  • Boosting cables;
  • Etc.
Car seats for babies or youngsters actually have an "expiry" date, after which they are no longer considered to be up to standards. The Transport Canada website estimates that the life expectancy of a car seat varies between 6 to 12 years, depending on brand and model.


Whether you wish to add to transportation, safety or simply the style of your vehicle, we have the accessories you need!

Longue Pointe Chrysler offers car accessories for sale and installation services in Montreal; do not hesitate to contact us to order accessories or book your installation appointment!

Whether you live in Montreal North, Saint Leonard or anywhere else in Montreal, come and visit us at Longue Pointe Chrysler today!