Ready for the vacations? Is your car too?

Ready for the vacations? Is your car too?

For months, you have dreamed of that moment when you will embark on the roads of holidays, with your significant others or the whole family, having in mind that the only thought to relax and have fun. You have planned everything, found the best roads, booked the best hostels and you even found the charming little restaurant that will host your relaxing evenings.

As you know, we often talk about the maintenance of your vehicle, but you must know that prevention is better than cure.

If your car serves only a few daily trips, and suddenly you impose a few thousand kilometers in the heat of the hot and humid summer months, you may give it a shock.

A simple mechanical check of a few minutes will then allow you to better appreciate your summer roadtrip, while letting you drive safely. There is no need here to spend a fortune, since some elements can be checked by the conscientious motorist that you are. Others, on the other hand, will deserve the attention of a specialist.

For example, you do not need a mechanic to check the oil level and air pressure in each of your tires. These precautions are basics, but nothing worse than a puncture along the bucolic country road to cut off the excitement of the holidays. Take the opportunity to check the condition of your spare wheel. We never know…

Your windshield wipers are your best friends when it’s raining. Do not neglect them. And if you can, ask your mechanic to set up a treatment for the windows. For a few dozen dollars, it will bead the water on your windows and greatly improve your visibility.

You have a little noise in the air conditioning, but you let it roll for months? Now would be a good time to check it because bad air conditioning can increase the humidity in the cabin, and make the air less breathable.

Brakes and pads are normally checked at the time of your tire changes. Have them checked anyway. We never know.

These are precautions that may seem simple, but trust us. Nothing like a problem that could have been avoided, which occurs on a rainy Sunday in the middle of an American country road, to spoil the atmosphere of the holidays for several days. And to seriously burden the budget of the week.

It sounds like experience, don’t you think.. so do not take risks and opt for a good holiday taking care of your car!