The next Chrysler Pacifica could be AWD


Rumors say that Chrysler is working on a four-wheel drive variant of its Chrysler Pacifica minivan. Proposed until 2004 with Pacifica’s predecessor, the Chrysler Town & Country, the all-wheel drive was also available in the original Pacifica, a mid-sized crossover sold until 2008 and most famous for being driven by Celine Dion.

It is the US Automotive News site that reports this news, citing an unnamed source from a Chrysler supplier who apparently works on a part of the upcoming Chrysler Pacifica AWD vehicle. A AWD system would make Chrysler the second largest van manufacturer to offer this option.

In fact, Toyota is already building a four-wheel drive version of its Sienna, a car that makes most of its sales in Canada. Chrysler halted the production of a Chrysler Pacifica AWD with the introduction of minivan model, as the second row of seats folds under the floor, leaving no room for four-wheel drive. Getting more storage space instead of the integral transmission.

The Pacifica is currently the only minivan to offer a hybrid transmission, a plug-in system that allows approximately 50 km of all-electric driving. Chrysler’s solution to the retractable seat problem could be an e-AWD system using a second electric motor to guide the rear wheels.

The addition of the AWD system could enhance the appeal of Pacifica in Canada. Between the Pacifica and the Dodge Grand Caravan, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sells nearly 60% of all minivans at home.